TRS Infotech Services is highly skilled at providing corporate technical Training to professionals in Real Estate, Healthcare, Travel & other industries.

TRS can help with your organization to:

  • Design, develop and implement Training 
  • Work with reinforcement tools & alternative learning solutions
  • Training is structured and developed based on integrated instructional design principles like spaced learning and performance support focusing on a blended learning approach.
  • Whether it is providing corporate technical training to a company’s own employees or training company customers on technical aspects of a specific product or service sold/supported; how the training is structured and delivered plays a key role in how it is received.
  • Work with stakeholders to implement changes to business practice to respond to dynamic needs
  • Deliver Training sessions including in-class, e-learning, virtual facilitation, and blended training
  • Help track and manage training outcomes, following standard evaluation and protocols.

TRS Infotech Services has had success Leading the Training for various system rollouts related to Healthcare, Travel industry & Real Estate. Not sure what you need? TRS Infotech Services Ltd provides software training with training specialists available to conduct hands-on product training for both novice and advanced users. We have a team of fully certified Instructors and trainers. TRS Infotech can deliver customized curriculum that will meet your training requirements. Can’t find a course that fits your needs? Want to mix and match training courses? 

TRS Infotech will:

  • Conduct an analysis of your training needs.
  • Create a solution designed especially for you.
  • Mix and match portions of existing training courses.
  • Increase the scope or focus of a seminar.
  • Deliver training in a variety of formats.
  • Deliver on-time and on-target and within proposed budget.

Projects completed (Lead Trainer)

KILO Aeroplan Project in (Air Canada & IBM) – Delivered Training Virtually by facilitating & supporting the Team within virtual PODS.

Surrey Memorial Hospital Redevelopment VOCERA Project, a large technical change initiative at Fraser Health. 

Tech Refresh Project, a large roll-out of new Information Technology equipment (Computers, Laptops, Printers, Blackberries and more) for all staff at FHA. The project involved replacing over 6000 old computers across multiple locations

Fraser Health Windows 7 & Office 2010 roll out project, provided training & support to staff across multiple sites on Windows 7 & Office 2010.

PARIS Project, provided training to over 3000+ staff on the PARIS software.
Smartcard Implementation (Thin Clients), a P3 project involved training 1000+ staff.
Premed Connect project delivered hands on training to over 2000 nurses and staff
Pixalere (Wound Care Management System)
DSS (Digital Sending Service) Pilot Project
Client tracking system – Public Health (14 sites across Fraser Health)

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